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Street Trading

The Street Trading Act (Northern Ireland) 2001

What is Street Trading?

Street trading is selling any goods, or supplying a service in a street or public place.  A Street Trading Licence is required to sell goods in a public place.

What is Not Street Trading?

The following are some activities, which are not street trading for the purposes of the Street Trading Act:

  • Rounds men such as milk men, bread men, coal men, etc
  • Traders who sell items or provide services on a door-to-door basis
  • Trading at or adjoining premises used as a petrol filling station
  • Trading at or adjoining premises used as a shop – provided it forms part of the business of the premises, and it takes place during the time when the premises are open to the public for business
  • It must not obstruct the footpath.

Types of Street Trading are:

  • Stationary – for example, hot food, fish, plants and shrubs
    A Stationary Trading Licence is required where the trading is carried out at a fixed location at regular times and days
  • A Stationary Licence is only issued for a site or area, which has been designated for the purposes of street trading
  • ·Mobile – for example, ice-cream
  • A Mobile Trading Licence is required when a trader calls to an area and sells to customers for a short time and then moves on to the next area
  • Temporary – for example, festivals
  • A Temporary licence may be issued for 1-7 days.  A total of five Temporary Licences may only be issued to the same trader in any year.

Enforcement Action Against Illegal Traders

Any person trading illegally may be prosecuted with a maximum fine of £1,000 and may have goods seized.

Street Trading Fees

Type of Licence Application Fee (Non-refundable) £ Licence Fee (Including Application Fee) £
Stationary Licence £75 £875
Mobile Licence £75 £300
Temporary Licence £75 £75 for first application
£45 for each subsequent application (maximum of four)
Increase the fee for a double pitch to £120 standard pitch size is 5m x 2 m
Variation £50 n/a

Cheques should be made payable to: Newry, Mourne and Down District Council

Street Trading Policies

Click here for Temporary Street Trading Policy
Click here for Stationary Licence Policy
Click here for Mobile Licence Policy
Click here for Street Trading Designation Policy
Click here for Enforcement Policy
Click here for Dealing with Changed Circumstances Policy
Click here for Stall Design and Trading Policy

How to Apply

Application forms can be obtained from:

Oifig an Iúir Oifig Dhún Pádraig
Newry Office Downpatrick Office
Licensing Section Licensing Section
O’Hagan House Downshire Civic Centre, Downshire Estate
Monaghan Row Ardglass Road
Newry BT35 8DJ Downpatrick BT30 6GQ

or by clicking on the link in the downloads section:

Contact Details

Email: licensing@nmandd.org

Telephone: 0300 013 2233

  • application for a street trading licence
  • application for a street trading licence