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Dealing with Food Complaints

We deal with food complaints relating to food that is purchased in this Council area. 

These complaints can include:

  • foreign bodies in food
  • unpleasant taste in food
  • poor handling of food by shop assistants
  • dirty conditions in food premises
  • suspected food poisoning following eating from a food premise.

What should you d if you have a food complaint?

  • do not remove the foreign body or food from its container or packaging
  • handle for food or object as little as possible
  • keep all packaging and receipts
  • contact the Environmental Health Department as soon as possible
  • store the food away from other food stuffs, preferably in a refrigerator or other cool place
  • you will be asked about the details of your complaint, such as where and when it was purchased and any illness suffered.

When we receive a food complaint, we will do the following:

  • treat all food complaints in the strictest confidence
  • photograph, label and securely store the complaint
  • we may invite a company representative to visit the Council Offices
  • contact the premises to which the complaint relates
  • we may send the food to a laboratory for analysis
  • contact yiu when the investigation is complete.

The action taken will be one of the following:

  • informal advice to the business operator
  • strong verbal or written warning
  • formal caution
  • legal proceedings.

The Officer desaling with your complaint will keep you informed on the progress of your complaint and, before closing the complaint, may ask if you would like your details passed onto the company.

Please note that we will not help you in any action you may take to get compensation from the company or trader concerned.  This is a matter between you and the food business and you are advised to seek legal advice from a solicitor.

Contact Details

Email: ehealth@nmandd.org

Telephone: 0330 137 4024