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Developing Your Plan

Baseline Evidence Data

An initial baseline evidence report was compiled after the introduction of Community Planning to Local Government to support the development of a community plan for Newry, Mourne and Down, This report included an extensive range of demographic, social, economic and environmental data. A full copy of this report is available to download in the downloads section.

Throughout the community planning process, overseen by the Community Planning Partnership Board, we have collated and identified a wide range of evidence to help assess the issues that are most relevant to the people of Newry, Mourne and Down.  This analysis has been focused on the 21 indicators that underpin the 5 key outcomes of our Community Plan and are available for download below.

Economic Development, Regeneration and Tourism

Outcome 1 - Indicator 2 - Level of Educational Wellbeing

Outcome 1 - Indicator 5 - Level of Lifelong Learning

Outcome 3 - Indicator 1 - Level of Jobs and Earnings

Outcome 3 - Indicator 2 - Level of Income and Wealth

Outcome 3 - Indicator 3 - Level of Economic Investment

Outcome 3 - Indicator 4 - Level of Tourism Revenue

Environment and Spatial Development

Locations for Traffic Data

Outcome 1 - Indicator 3 -  Level of Connectivity

Outcome 4 - Indicator 1 - Level of Sustainable Energy

Outcome 4 - Indicator 2 - Level of Quality Housing

Outcome 4 - Indicator 3 - Level of Quality Environment

Health & Wellbeing

Outcome 1 - Indicator 1 - Level of Early Years Support

Outcome 1 - Indicator 5 - Level of Quality of Shcool Life

Outcome 2 - Indicator 1 - Level of Life Expectancy

Outcome 2 - Indicator 2 - Level of Work Life Balance

Outcome 2 - Indicator 3 - Level of Preventable Death

Outcome 2 - Indicator 4 - Level of Health Status

Safety and Good Relations

Outcome 5 - Indicator 1 - Level of Social Connections

Outcome 5 - Indicator 2 - Level of Social Capital

Outcome 5 - Indicator 3 - Level of Civic Participation

Outcome 5 - Indicator 4 - Level of Personal Safety and Crime Rate

Developing a Plan

Thematic Delivery Groups

We have engaged with a number of stakeholders and it is clear that a range of diverse issues need to be addressed from support for young families, support through education and towards fulfilling our potential as we get older, to support for business and tourism development, all of which impact on our overall wellbeing. Therefore we have identified 21 key indicators that we will work on and measure to ensure we are making a real difference to the community and to our district.

The Community Planning Partnership has established four Thematic Delivery Groups:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Environment and Spatial Development
  • Economic Development, Regeneration and Tourism
  • Safety and Good Relations

Thematic Delivery Groups are responsible for identifying and delivering actions that will best achieve our planned outcomes, as measured by the 21 indicators.