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Corporate Logo

The corporate logo captures the spirit of the new district, aiming to bring a sense of pride and purpose for the Council, our new district and the wider community. 

It is simple, confident and clear.  The colour and style of the new logo reflect the heritage of Newry, Mourne and Down District, while the font is clear and distinct.

The logo combines a stone shape, inspired by the region's dry-stone walls, with a spear and staff.  These symbols reference two key aspects of the region's heritage, St Patrick and Cú Chulainn.  The crossing of these elements creates a dynamic shape at the heart of the identity, communicating a sense of unity which hints at the Council area's strategic gateway positioning.

The colours used in the logo are inspired by local land and seascapes.  The strong typeface used in the full logo symbolises strength, stability and also character that benefits the Council's guiding role in local life.

The new Council logo is accompanied bythe strapline, “Serving Down and South Armagh" on items produced for marketing and promotion purposes.