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Emergencies in our Community

All local councils have a major co-ordinating role in planning what to do in an emergency and helping the community to recover from major incidents.

In the event of an emergency please go to our 'Emergency Contacts' page.

Our Aim

We aim to make sure that we are ready to respond and help the community if a major emergency takes place in our district.

We can provide support in a number of ways following a disaster. For example, we can: make buildings such as leisure and community centres available to people, provide health and safety advice on cleaning up after major flooding or pollution, assess structural damage to buildings, and co-ordinate and lead multi-agency meetings to plan recovery.

We have a general emergency plan that will help us to respond to any emergency. We also work in conjunction with the key government and voluntary agencies in order to provide support in the event of a major incident.

Our Emergency Contact List has information on who to contact in the event of an emergency.

For our Household Emergency Life Saving Plan click here.

For advice on how to take care of your home before during and after a flood click here.

How To Report Flooding

Please note that our Council does not issue sandbags.

Find out how to report a flooding problem on roads, burst water mains and blocked drains.

You only need a single telephone number to report a flood: 0300 2000 100

This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You don't have to decide which organisation you need to ring and you don't have to contact the Rivers Agency, Transport NI (formerly known as Roads Service) or NI Water - this will be done for you.

When you ring, a member of staff will take all your details and contact the appropriate agency on your behalf. This is a non-emergency number so if you are in danger call the emergency services on 999.

Public or commercial premises that wish to be prepared in advance of an emergency may find this information useful.

Sandbag suppliers - as of 20.10.17:

  1. Haldane Fisher – Tel. 028 3026 3201
  2. John Knox, Kilkeel – Tel. 028 4176 2373
  3. John Rodgers, Dundrum Road, Newcastle – Tel. 028 4372 4410
  4. John Shilliday, Main St, Newcastle – Tel. 028 4377 8220
  5. JP Corry (previously Phoenix) – Tel. 028 3026 0911 
  6. JP Corry, Bullydugan Road, Downpatrick – Tel. 028 4461 2011
  7. Kellys Hardware, Warrenpoint – Tel.028 4177 3674 
  8. Mallons Hardware Forkhill Road. Newry – Tel. 028 3084 9441 
  9. Newry Building Supplies – Tel. 028 3026 7626 

Any sandbag suppliers who have not been listed above and would like their details added, please contact 0330 137 4043.


Rate Relief for Properties Affected by Flooding 

Land & Property Services (LPS) can consider the circumstances of properties impacted by flooding on a case by case basis. For Non-Domestic properties relief may be available through Valuation processes, for Domestic properties, an exclusion may be available through rating of empty homes legislation.

Non-Domestic/Commercial Properties

Information and an online Application Form to have a property’s valuation revised is available on www.nibusinessinfo.co.uk/content/business-rates-valuing-alterations-existing-properties

When Land & Property Services (LPS) receives an application a LPS Valuer will visit and assess the property to determine if the damage merits an amendment to the Net Annual Value and revision of the Valuation List entry.

If the application does not result in an amendment to the Valuation List, ratepayers may consider applying for relief under the Hardship Rate Relief Scheme. 

What is Hardship Rate Relief?

Hardship Rate Relief for non-domestic rates is aimed at providing rate relief to assist a business in its recovery from a temporary crisis resulting from an exceptional circumstance. Information and how to apply for the Hardship Rate Relief Scheme is available on www.nibusinessinfo.co.uk/content/hardship-rate-relief
Please note if the business is receiving a 12 months Rate Holiday, the Hardship Rate Relief Scheme cannot offer further relief during that rating year.

Domestic Properties 

For homeowners affected by flooding, assistance may be available through a Rating of Empty Homes exclusion. You can apply for an exclusion from rates if:

  • You qualified for compensation from the local Council because your home flooded after heavy rain or a tidal surge.
  • Your property was unoccupied continuously for at least four weeks.
  • Your property was your main home before the flooding.
  • You could get this exclusion from rates for up to six months.

Further information on the Rating of Empty Homes can be located at: www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/rating-empty-homes
Please note the exclusion from rates under the Rating of Empty Homes can only be applicable where the owner of the property has qualified for compensation from their District Council after severe flooding by virtue of a scheme made under Article 26 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Northern Ireland) Order 1992.

Further information about what to do if flood happens can be located at: www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/what-do-if-flood-happens