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Municipal Cemeteries


Following the passing of new legislation by the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020, the Council is required to take immediate action concerning access to its five Municipal Cemeteries:

Monkshill Cemetery, Newry

Kilbroney Cemetery, Rostrevor

Warrenpoint Cemetery

Struell Cemetery, Downpatrick

Lough Inch Cemetery, Ballynahinch.

Until further notice, all of these cemeteries are closed to the public for any reason other than to attend a funeral of a family member. When funerals are held within any of these cemeteries, access will be restricted to 10 family members, undertaker staff and essential Council staff. The hearse carrying the coffin and a family car will be permitted access to the cemetery where vehicular access is usually available.

Normal Council grounds maintenance of our cemeteries is currently suspended but as this situation progresses this will be reviewed. Once grounds maintenance service resumes within the Council, attention will be provided to each of the family plots. Whilst this current closure of our cemeteries continues there is a prohibition on any member of the public entering the cemetery to attend to their family graves.

We are aware that this news will be deeply upsetting. Please be assured that our staff, once able to return to the routine maintenance of the cemeteries, will quickly bring them back to the standard to which you are accustomed. We appreciate that our cemeteries are viewed as a sacred place.

We would advise that during this time, burials taking place within our cemeteries will have changes to normal working procedures as a means of protecting people attending funerals, undertakers and Council staff. These include:

  • Only immediate family to attend the burial and limited to a maximum of 10 family members

  • All family members must adhere to social distancing rules and people should not attend if they are symptomatic

  • Family members will be asked to stay five metres from the grave for safety reasons

  • Limiting the duration of grave side services to 15 minutes

  • Our staff will be wearing additional personal protective equipment including coverall, face masks, glasses and gloves.  

Your health and safety and that of our staff is paramount, and we appreciate your continued support.


The Facilities Management and Maintenance Section of the Council is responsible for the Council's Municipal Cemeteries.

The Council manages five municipal cemeteries, located at:

  • Kilbroney Road, Rostrevor
  • Lough Inch, Ballynahnich
  • Monkshill, Newry
  • Struell, Downpatrick
  • Upper Dromore Road, Warrenpoint

For information about the Cemeteries or burials please contact us on:  0330 137 4005.

For Rules & Regulations for the Control of Public Cemeteries within Newry, Moure & Down District Council click here.

Charges for Burials/Purchase of graves (effective from 14 May 2018)

Type of Facility/Activity Details Charges (£)
Private Grave Resident 250.00
Non Resident 500.00
First Opening Resident 210.00
Non Resident 600.00
Second Opening Resident 210.00
Non Resident 600.00
Opening for burial of a child (Aged under 18 years old) Resident 0.00
Non Resident 0.00
Burial of Cremated Remains/Burials under headstones (stillbirths) Resident 50.00
Non Resident 100.00
Burials under headstone (stillbirths) Resident 0.00
Non Resident 0.00
Transfer Burial Rights Resident 40.00
Non Resident 95.00
Duplicate Grant Per Plot Resident 40.00
Non Resident 95.00
Exhumations Resident 400.00
Non Resident 400.00
Additional charge for burials after 3.00pm week days Resident 50.00
Non Resident 50.00
Search fees (Deeds not produced) Resident 0.00
Non Resident 0.00
Approval for Erection of Headstone Resident 50.00
Non Resident 50.00