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Health and Safety

Health and Safety at work is aimed at ensuring the health, safety and welfare of persons at work, and other people that may be affected by work activities. The Council’s health and safety role covers advice, training, and enforcement.

To assist businesses in complying with the law, advice and information is offered on health and safety matters through:

  • visiting businesses and discussing specific areas that are of interest to raise awareness
  • providing guidance and information packs to assist in understanding and complying with the law
  • running training workshops, where advice and guidance is given in a more detailed and structured way
  • investigation of complaints/ accidents to ensure standards are being met and maintained.

Health and Safety inspections are carried out by an Environmental Health Officer from the Council. Officers will provide advice on how to comply with Health and Safety law and if required can take enforcement action to ensure businesses comply.  The enforcement action taken by an Officer will depend on the level of risk to people’s health and safety.

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Further advice and guidance to assist you in complying with the law is available from this department via the contact detalils below:

E: ehealth@nmandd.org

T: 0330 137 4024

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