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Weekly Bin Collections and Calendar

Please Note: Updated 2024/25 Bin Collection Calendars Are Now Available for Download on this page-see below!

We aim to collect all bins on their scheduled collection day. However, sometimes for various reasons we may miss some. When a delay has occurred we will return to collect your bin on the next available day. We are asking all households to do the following:

  1. Place bins out for collection no later than 6am every morning or alternatively the night before.
  2. Please do not put out extra bins or place additional rubbish bags next to your bin as we cannot facilitate the collection of these.
  3. Help to keep our schedules on track by being mindful of where you park, making sure your vehicle doesn’t limit access on bin collection days – and spread the word to your neighbours too – thank you! 
  4. Residents are encouraged to maximise the use of their household bins by using the correct bin for your waste items – ie Black bin, Brown bin and Blue bin.
  5. Remember Food or Recyclable Waste should NOT be placed in your Black Bin. Bins containing the wrong materials may not be collected.


  • BLUE: Flatten boxes
  • BLUE: Flatten containers and remove lids
  • BLACK: Do not place garden waste into your black bin
  • BROWN: Use this bin for all food waste, start composting your garden waste 
  • Wash your hands when handling bins and ensure bin handles are cleaned or wiped-down before and after use. Our staff will appreciate this
  • Do not approach our staff without following the minimum two-metre social distancing guidance.
  • You must not put items such as used tissues, gloves or disposable cleaning cloths into your recycling bins. This is very important, they must be bagged and placed into your black bin.

Updated 2024/25 Bin Collection Calendars Now Available!

To Access Your Weekly Bin Collection Schedule:

1. Under  'SELECT' move the arrow to the correct FIRST 4 DIGITS of your postcode and click your mouse to select it e.g BT24

2. Move across to the second box and enter the LAST 3 digits of your postcode e.g. 8ZH

3. Finally click on 'SEARCH' to view your 'Weekly Bin Collection Schedule'

Enter your postcode to view bin collection dates for you area:
(you will need to select the first part of your postcode where it says 'Select' before you begin)