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Fish and Fishery Products for Human Consumption

There are strict rules for the commercial import of fishery products from 3rd countries outside the European Union (including GB), bivalve molluscs and products that contain them. Warrenpoint Border Control Post (BCP) is an approved BCP for the importation of fishery products. Importers must:

  • All consignments must be pre-notified to the BCP prior to arrival
  • Be accompanied by appropriate Export Health Certification
  • Come from an approved non-EU country
  • Come from an EU-approved fishery product establishment, premises or approved bivalve mollusc production areas
  • Enter the EU through an officially designated BCP where veterinary/hygiene checks are carried out by an Official Fish Inspector

To move fish into Northern Ireland (NI) you will need to register on TRACES NT. You need to pre-notify the arrival of fishery products or bivalve molluscs into NI using a Common Health Entry Document (CHED-P) on TRACES NT. This must be done at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Some Point of Entries (POEs) will allow four hours pre-notification due to the perishability of fishery products or Live Bivalve Molluscs (LBMs).

Guidance on registering on TRACES-NT and completing the CHED’s can be found on the TRACES NT website - click here

You need to provide an Export Health Certificate (EHC), except for direct landings of fresh fish in NI ports from UK-flagged fishing vessels. Fishery products and bivalve molluscs have different EHCs. You may need to provide a catch certificate however these are not required for LBMs.  For more information please visit the DAERA website.