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Our Fairtrade Steering Committee works to promote Fairtrade throughout the district.

We aim to increase the number of outlets that provide Fairtrade options locally, and to encourage more and more people to choose Fairtrade when shopping, or visiting cafes and restaurants.

How To Become A Fairtrade School

Many schools include Fairtrade in work they do for the ‘Global Perspectives’ topic of the Eco Schools Programme.  

Schools can visit either: www.fairtrade.org.uk or www.fairtrade.ie and find out how to register and what needs to be done to become a Fairtrade School.  Both sites provide free online resources.

Fairtrade UK has a dedicated schools web site www.schools.fairtrade.org.uk  with a three stage Fairtrade Schools Awards scheme

The Council plan to promote Fairtrade in the future, both internally with our own staff, and also throughout the district, by encouraging participation in the annual Fairtrade Fortnight initiative.

Fairtrade Fornight 2023

Fairtrade fortnight in 2023 takes place from Monday 27 February to Sunday 12 March 2023. Visit www.fairtarde.org.uk or www.fairtarde.ie for further information on how to get involved.

The Council has recently demonstrated its commitment to promoting Fairtrade by beginning the process of adding the phrase “A Fairtrade District” to its 21 boundary signs.

Contact Details:
E: besustainable@nmandd.org


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