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Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS)

The FHRS has been operating since 2011 and is a Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Council partnership initiative.  New legislation came into force in 2016, which means that the is now mandatory, replacing the voluntary scheme.

The FHRS provides consumers with information about the hygiene standards of a premise.  Following a food hygiene inspection, a rating is given to the premise from 0 (urgent improvements necessary) to 5 (very good).

The purpose of the scheme is to allow consumers to make informed choices about the places where they eat or shop.  The scheme also encourages businesses to improve their hygiene standards.

You MUST display your statutory rating at a prominent positions at all public entrances to your premises.

You MUST also ensure that your rating is declared to any prospective customer enquiring about your rating by any means e.g. in person or by telephone.

Check the rating of a food business

Not Happy With Your Rating?

If you are not happy with the food hygiene rating you have been issued you should contact the inspecting officer to discuss your concerns. If the issue cannot be resolved at that stage, you also have three options to consider:

  1. your right to request a revisit
  2. your right to reply
  3. your right to appeal.

Further information on these three options is available from:

FSA’s Food Hygiene Rating Scheme – Information Note for Food Businesses in Northern Ireland

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