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The Council’s Constitution describes how the Council operates and explains how decisions are made.

It sets out:

  • the rules and procedures to be followed by the Council and Committees when doing business
  • the decision making powers of the Council and Committees
  • the financial and contract regulations
  • the scheme of delegation to Chief Officers
  • the rights of the public to inspect reports and background documents
  • Codes of Conduct for Councillors and employees
  • Councillors’  interests and Councillors allowances.

The Constitution is made up of six parts

Part 1 - Summary, Explanation And Articles Of The Constitution

Part 2 - Responsibility For Functions

Part 3 - Rules Of Procedure

Part 4 - Codes And Protocol

Part 5 - Scheme of Allowances 2023-24

Part 6 - Officers' Management Structure


Contact Details

Telephone: 0330 137 4000

Email: democratic.services@nmandd.org