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Road Safety

Road Safety is one of the key priorities for Newry Mourne and Down PCSP. On a daily basis we work in partnership with the PSNI, Road Safe NI Newry, Mourne & Down Committee and other agencies to develop and implement a range of road safety initiatives

Initiatives include


In partnership with PSNI we have organised a number of Kidscourt events in the District. Kidscourt gives speeding motorists the choice of accepting a fine or facing a jury of P7 pupils. The speeding motorists sit in front of the Jury of children and asked some really tough questions about their driving habits. This initiative is one which has had a lot of impact on participants.. 

The Paulie Project 

Newry Mourne and Down PCSP supported the local road safey committee; Roadsafeni Charity - Newry Mourne & Down Committee

The Paulie Project tells the stories of local families who have lost loved ones on our roads, and those who have suffered life changing injuries as a result of road traffic collisions. We are so grateful to those who have shared their stories with us, and who have done so in a bid to prevent other families from experiencing similar pain, devastation and loss. We are humbled by your bravery and courage, and so very proud of you all.

School Safety Signs 

Newry, Mourne and Down PCSP delivered fantastic kiddie cut-out signs to local schools in order to increase the awareness of school parking issues and speeding close to primary schools. The signs were provided to twenty schools across the District, that were identified by PSNI as having significant parking issues. There is evidence to show that the road signs have had a positive impact on schools and helped to improve road safety. It was reported by schools and nurseries that the signs help cut down speeding, reduce illegal parking and remind the drivers that there are lots of children in the area. The signs are designed to be the height of primary school children, they are eye-catching and child friendly and it is hoped that children will be encouraged to advise parents if their behaviour is possibly endangering other children.  

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