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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy and ‘House Rules’

The Council recognises that social media has an important role to play in how it communicates with, engages and promotes dialogue with residents. We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. By using our social media channels, you agree to our social media 'house rules' which are outlined below.

Acceptable Use of Social Media by Public

The vast majority of people who use social media do so with respect and tolerance. However, in the event of unacceptable use of social media by customers and residents the Council reserves the right to take action in relation to social media posts or messages. Unacceptable behaviour includes (but is not limited to) social media posts or messages which breach the following rules (referred to as House Rules):

  • Use any abusive, offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, threatening, harassing, bullying, racist, sexist or other inappropriate comments which are perceived or intended to cause concern, upset or harm to others.
  • Incite hatred on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality or sexuality or any other personal characteristic.
  • Incite someone/people to break the law.
  • Contain inappropriate material (photographs or video)
  • Target named members of staff with direct, unacceptable, criticism.
  • Breach confidentiality, share personal details, such as private addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or other online contact details.
  • High volumes of overly long messages which could constitute as spamming.
  • Repetitive negative messages which aim to provoke a response or do not constructively add to the conversation.
  • Comments that impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation.
  • Comments that are off-topic, promote services or product
  • Breach of any of the terms of any of the social media platforms themselves.

The Council reserves the right to amend these House Rules at any time.

How We Will Deal with Unacceptable Behaviour

The Council moderates messages on its corporate social media channels and will remove those which breach the above House Rules and moderation guidelines. In the event of unacceptable behavior, the following steps will be taken:

  • In the first instance, we will hide or delete any posts which we view to be offensive. A written statement to the author will be issued via a private direct social media message with a link to the Council’s Social Media and Acceptable Use Policy and Procedure.
  • If unacceptable behaviour continues the Council will consider blocking users from interacting with the Council’s social media channels.
  • A decision to block a user will be reported to the Council’s Audit Committee.
  • The matter may also be reported to the social media platform and police where behaviour amounts to abuse or harassment or a criminal offence is suspected.
  • The Council reserves the right to take whatever legal action that may be necessary in the case of libellous or defamatory posts/messages.

Contact Us

We reserve the right to modify or change these conditions at any time.

If you have a query, email: marketing@nmandd.org