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Leisure Facilities

Leisure Services: Reopening Information

Are the Swimming pools open?

Swimming pools in Newry, Kilkeel and Down Leisure Centres are now open.  This includes our Leisure and learner pools (Kids pools.) You can book lane swimming or you can book a swim slot for general or family fun swimming. 
You must book your swim slot in advance – please see and follow guidance below from YouTube video. 
To comply with Covid-19 guidelines we will now have reduced capacities in our swimming pools and swim sessions will be strictly 60 mins. 

Are the gyms open and can I attend classes?

Newry, Kilkeel and Down Leisure Centre gyms are currently open.  
You must book your fitness session in the gym as well as gym classes in advance - guidance below.

What are the opening hours?

Opening Hours for Newry and Down Leisure Centres

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

6.30am – 9pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays

8am – 9pm


9am – 4pm


10am – 4pm


Opening Hours for Kilkeel Leisure Centre

Monday - Friday

9am – 9pm


10am – 4pm



What about access to Health Suites?

At present Health Suites remain closed until further notice. We do however, plan on taking a phased approach to reopening of our leisure facilities to ensure the safety of both our Staff and Customers. Reopening dates for these activities will be communicated in due course on our NMD Be Active App, the NMD Be Active Facebook page and will be updated on https://www.newrymournedown.org/leisure-facilities

What about Swimming Lessons?

Swimming lessons won’t start just yet, but we do hope to restart these again at some point during the Autumn months and we will let you know what the arrangements are closer to the time.

When will Newcastle Centre and Ballymote Sports and Wellbeing Centre reopen?

Newcastle Centre and Ballymote Sport and Wellbeing Centre will remain closed until further notice. However direct debit and advance payment members of these facilities will have access to the facilities that are open and included in their current membership.

Booking your Gym, Class or Swim Slots in Advance

You must book your Gym, Class or Swim slots in advance on the NMD Be Active App. You can also book by phone by calling 0330 137 4026.

For information on downloading the NMD Be Active App go to: https://www.newrymournedown.org/be-active-app

To book your gym, class or swim slots on our website go to:


Please note: If you have never made an online booking you may need to have your membership account linked.  If you are experiencing any issues please follow these steps:

1. Email the centre you are a member of:

Kilkeel Leisure Centre - kilkeel.reception@nmandd.org

Down Leisure Centre - downleisurecentre@nmandd.org

Newry Leisure Centre - poolreception@nmandd.org

Newcastle Centre - newcastlecentre@nmandd.org

Ballymote Sports and Wellbeing Centre - downleisurecentre@nmandd.org

2. In your email, confirm the following to ensure we link the correct account: Date of birth, first line of your address and email address you want to use for your online account.

We will respond via email to confirm your account has been linked and steps to follow to enable you to log onto your online account.

(Once you are set up you can book through the NMD Be Active app or on the NMD Council website by entering the email address you have used for your online account.)

What about my membership?

All memberships will resume on the 1 September 2020 under the following arrangements:

• For Direct Debit customers we will reflect “time owed” as a result of the closure of leisure facilities on 16 March and an additional period to allow for phased re-opening restrictions.  Each member will receive an email detailing what time they are owed back and when they can expect their next collection.

• All existing paid in advance customer accounts will be “active” again as of the 1 September.  Paid in advance customers will receive an email detailing the appropriate pro-rata extension for the duration of time of closure and phased re-opening restrictions.

Some important information to be aware of before attending our Leisure Centres

  • Don’t use our leisure facilities if you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Remember to keep your distance.
  • Wash hands well and often and make full use of our hand sanitiser points.
  • Customers expected to arrive ready to undertake an activity and change/shower at home.
  • Take along water to hydrate as water fountains are out of use for your safety.
  • Designated toilet provisions will be available.
  • A queuing system will be in place on admission to the facility.
  • You do not have to wear a face covering in a gym or swimming pool as well as any other place where the purpose of your attendance is aerobic exercise. We would however, like to encourage our customers to use a face covering in any other enclosed spaces on Council premises where social distancing is more difficult.

Guidance for Swimming pools

  • We have reduced capacities in all of our swimming pools and activities will be organised differently. Swimmers will be admitted in a regulated order based on session start times. Swim sessions will be strictly 60 mins.
  • We ask that all customers to arrive beach ready with your swimming costume already on underneath your clothes.
  • Changing rooms and lockers will be available.  Please ensure your bring the correct change for lockers – 10p in Kilkeel and £1 in Newry and Down Leisure Centres.
  • Showers are unavailable.  We ask that you shower at home before and after your swim.
  • Make sure to bring an extra towel – our hairdryers are not available just at the moment, as they can move water vapour through the air.
  • You’ll need to bring your own equipment, like googles and floats, if you have them and please make sure they are clean and identifiable as yours before you arrive.
  • When you are in the pool remember to leave a gap between you and other swimmers, and keep to your allocated lane. Follow the same direction of travel when lane swimming so as to avoid side by side lane swimming with the swimmers beside you.  Please do not overtake whilst swimming. Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching
  • Look out for one-way only floor markings and signs at pool side and when getting in and out of the pool to show you where to go.
  • Pool pods and hoists will be available for customers who require them.
  • Spectators are not permitted in the centre as viewing areas remain closed to the public.
  • All swimming sessions are currently taking place in our main pool.   Our learner and leisure pools remain closed at present.

Guidance for Gym and Classes

  • We will have reduced capacity in our gyms and equipment will be spaced out at each site to allow for social distancing and cleanliness.
  • If advised to clean down our machines after use, please do so.
  • Gym sessions are strictly 60mins.
  • Health Commitment Statement must be completed prior to gym session.