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Consumer Safety

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council is responsible for ensuring the safety of all consumer goods produced, distributed or sold in the district.  Some exemptions such as motor vehicles and medicinal products are covered by legislation enforced by the Trading Standards NI.

If you have issues relating to aspects other than safety ie counterfeit, false or misleading goods then contact Consumerline or Trading Standards NI.

What is a Safe Product?

The General Safety Requirement refers to goods being reasonably safe in all the circumstances that pertain to them.  These circumstances include: the way in which goods are marked, any instructions or warnings given with the goods and any published safety standards for those goods.  Manufacturers and importers have increased responsibility in terms of safety.  For information and advice they should contact us.

Second-hand Goods

Some, but not all goods are covered by Consumer Protection Regulations.  Those that are sold as part of a business may be covered in the same way as new goods, for example, those bought from an auction or second-hand shop.  Goods sold privately are not covered by the legislation.  If you have any doubts about any product either new, or second-hand, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Inflatable Play Equipment

Inflatable play equipment is particularly popular at this time of the year and can provide enjoyment for all when it is supplied in a safe condition and erected correctly 

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council has recently completed a successful prosecution because of an accident that occurred during the use of such equipment. The Council launched legal proceedings against the owner of the Inflatable slide when Environmental Health Officers found that he had failed to ensure the Health and Safety of the users.

The Council has been working with local suppliers to ensure they are following all relevant safety requirements.  However, as a person hiring such equipment, you too can help keep all users safe.  Please see below to find out what you can do….

What should I ask for from the person I am hiring the Inflatable from?  

  • Check if the inflatable you are hiring carries a numbered PIPA tag  


  • Ask to see the current Annual Safety Certificate. It must be carried out by a competent person, registered to do so and must be within a year of the hire date.

Ensure the person supplying the inflatable has provided you with written instructions on how to use it safely, for example how many people can use it at any one time, are there any age restrictions for the Inflatable, what to do if it starts to rain or gets windy? The supplier should request you to sign this document to confirm you have read and understood the information.   

You can use the PIPA websites to check safety tests have been carried out and to find out what to do if the equipment has no PIPA tag.  If you are worried that the matters have not been undertaken by the supplier, do not hire an Inflatable from them. 

What should I do to whilst an inflatable is at my home?  

  • Always follow the written instructions provided by the supplier of the inflatable.  
  • Ensure the Inflatable Play equipment is supervised by an adult at all times.  
  • Ensure the permitted number of users is not exceeded, the supplier will inform you of the maximum number.  
  • Users should not wear shoes or glasses and should empty their pockets of all sharp or dangerous items.  
  • Anyone intoxicated should not be permitted to use the inflatable.  
  • Don’t misuse the Inflatable – such as climbing the walls, doing somersaults or other gymnastics.  

Be aware of the weather.  The HSE advises that 38km/h (24mph) is the recommended maximum wind speed to use an inflatable however this may vary with smaller inflatables. This is the speed at which small trees begin to sway. Never reposition the inflatable or remove any anchor points. 


Contact Details


Telephone: 0330 137 4024.

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