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Petroleum Licensing

Update COVID-19

In light of the latest travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines, we would ask that any licensing applications are now emailed or posted to us at our Monaghan Row or Downshire Civic Centre offices.
All correspondence should be emailed to: licensing@nmandd.org
As with all post being received at present, there will be a delay in processing applications. We hope to resolve the delay in processing incoming post in the near future.

The Petroleum (Consolidation) Act (Northern Ireland) 1929

Who Requires a Petroleum Licence?

A licence is required where petrol is stored and dispensed for re-sale.

Persons wishing to store petroleum spirit should apply to the Council’s Licensing Section for a Petroleum Licence. DSEAR Regulations also apply.

NB diesel, heating oil, paraffin and LPG are NOT petroleum spirits and therefore do not require to be licensed under the petroleum legislation. However, the DSEAR regulations apply.

How Much Will A Petroleum Licence Cost?

Fees are set by the Department of Environment and the rates of fees payable are as detailed below. These fees came into effect on 1 April 2013.

Petroleum Spirit Fee per Annum
To keep a quantity not exceeding 2,500 litres £42
Exceeding 2,500 not exceeding 50,000 litres £58
Exceeding 50,000 litres £120
Transfer of a licence £8

Cheques should be made payable to:  Newry, Mourne and Down District Council

How to Apply

Application forms can be obtained from:

Oifig Dhún Pádraig Oifig an Iúir
Downpatrick Office Newry Office
Licensing Section Licensing Section
Downshire Civic Centre O’Hagan House
Downshire Estate, Ardglass Road Monaghan Row
Downpatrick BT30 6GQ Newry BT35 8DJ

Contact Details

Telephone: 0330 137 4030
Email: licensing@nmandd.org

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