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Mobile Food Businesses

If your business is registered as a mobile food business with your local council you may want to have a look at  ‘A Guide to Hygiene and Safety Standards for Mobile Food Businesses’ which is available at the link below. This guidance also provides advice on how to comply with your Health & Safety obligations.

Due to the nature of your business as a mobile trader you will be subject to regular food hygiene and/or food standards inspections by other Environmental Health Departments when trading in their Council area.  Should any breaches of food hygiene legislation be noted when trading; other councils will notify your originating council of such findings. This will result in a review of your current Food Hygiene Rating.  

Where there are found to be significant breaches of food safety requirements such as the lack of handwashing facilities, lack of temperature control or allergen control then the inspecting Council may issue legal notices to close your business at the time of trading.

If you require further clarification of your legal responsibilities while trading as a mobile caterer or food stall, please contact the Food Safety Team  on 0330 137 4024 or email ehealth@nmandd.org

  • A Guide to Hygiene and Safety Standards for Mobile Food Businesses