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Postal Numbering and Street Nameplates

The Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions (Northern Ireland) Order 1995

The Council is responsible for the allocation of postal numbers to all houses and buildings within the district.

Guidelines for Making Applications

Street Naming

The Council approves the naming of roads and streets including housing developments and commercial developments.  Developers have the opportunity to suggest possible names for the development.  Proposed names should be based on the agreed Council criteria.

All streets/roads must be named in English.

The following are the current criteria used by the Council for development naming:

To maintain the rich cultural heritage of the Newry, Mourne and Down District Council area, in naming a street the following criteria must be followed.

The chosen name must:

  • reflect the local townland name, or a local geographical/topographical feature or social, or historical feature
  • the street name shall not incorporate a person’s name unless it is in keeping with the point (1) above
  • the prefix of the name can only be the same as an existing street or road name prefix in the locality if it is accessed from that street or road
  • to avoid confusion over addresses the name should not sound similar to an existing street or road name in that locality.

Developers, Builders, Architects and Agents

For housing developments, apartments, industrial estates, the developer or architect should apply to the Council’s Licensing Section for naming and numbering of the development.

Information to be provided:

  • site plan and a location plan
  • site numbering should follow conventional postal numbering ie odds on right and even numbers on left
  • small developments ie less than 20 may be numbered consecutively, if no additional phases are being added to the development
  • large developments to be numbered in phases
  • all layout changes to be notified for re-numbering.

For numbering of developments:

  • keep a copy of the postal numbering layout in the site office
  • provide Selling Agents with a copy of the postal numbering plan.

Single Houses

Private single house development is numbered as part of the Building Control application process. 

Where a postal address is required for a single private development other than through a Building Control application, applications should be made to the Licensing Section. The following information is required:

  • site location map showing the location of the premises
  • site plan showing the layout of the site.

The Council will issue the postal address for the premises.  Under the legislation each house or building is required to be marked with the correct postal number.  This is to assist Emergency Services and Delivery Services to find the correct premises easily.

Failure to do so may lead to delay for Emergency Services and may result in legal action being taken and a fine of up to £2,500.

Postcode and Address Finder

Confirmation of Postal Addresses

Third parties requesting confirmation of postal address must submit their request in writing to the Council with a site location map and a fee of £35.

Cheques should be made payable to:  Newry, Mourne and Down District Council

Street Nameplates

The Council is responsible for erecting single language, dual language and replacement nameplates.

The Council promotes the use of the townland name within the street nameplate.

Dual Language Nameplates


  • in line with the Council’s Bilingualism Policy, the Council will promote the inclusion of the Irish language in street nameplates while having regard of any views on the matter expressed by occupiers of the street
  • a resident of any street may request in writing a dual language nameplate for that street. Any request must be submitted to the Council’s Licensing Section
  • an elected member can submit a request for a dual language nameplate on behalf of residents in their electoral area.  Elected members shall provide the name and address of the resident(s) who they are submitting the request on behalf of.

Further information and assistance can be obtained from:

Oifig an Iúir Oifig Dhún Pádraig
Newry Office Downpatrick Office
Licensing Section Licensing Section
O’Hagan House Downshire Civic Centre, Downshire Estate
Monaghan Row Ardglass Road
Newry BT35 8DJ Downpatrick BT30 6GQ

Please see the Development Naming, Postal Numbering and Erection of Nameplates Policy here.

Contact Details

Telephone: 0330 137 4030
Email: licensing@nmandd.org