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Property Certificates

Applications for a property certificate are normally made by a conveyancing solicitor on your behalf for property or land sales but anyone can make an application for property/ land details that they have a legal interest in.

Property types are:

  • Dwelling
  • Other residential (i.e. nursing home, hotel, guest house)
  • Commercial 
  • Land only.  

Property certificates contain information on:

  • Building Regulation Applications and any Contravention Notices
  • Public Health and Smoke Control Matters
  • Dangerous Structure Notices
  • Licencing Matters
  • Address Confirmation
  • Countryside Matters

There are four types of property certificate: 

1. Standard 10 Year Search (Fee - £90) -This certificate provides information for 10 years from the 1st of January of the year in which the enquiry was made

2. Full search (Fee - £122) - This is the most comprehensive certificate relating to all information held by us on any property dating back to 1973.

3. Follow up search (Fee - £38) - A certificate designed to follow on from a standard 10-year search. This updates the information back to 1st October 1973.

4. Specified search (Fee - £90) - This offers a certificate choice to accommodate land transfer and to provide information if the date of works to a property is known.

Where possible, we will attempt to provide current and historic information in accordance with the relevant legislation including the Freedom of Information Act and General Data Protection Regulations and our agreed Non-Statutory Charging Scheme.

To apply for a property certificate, a completed application form along with a suitably marked site location map and the appropriate fee is required.  This should be submitted to Newry Mourne & Down District Council, O’Hagan House, Monaghan Row, Newry, BT35 8DJ

Property Certificate Application Form 
Alternatively, Property Certificates can be applied for online by clicking here