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The Building Control Department is here to help and our advice is free. If the Council can be of any assistance, please contact us on 0330 137 4003.

They are national standards on levels of performance which are made by Parliament dealing with the construction of buildings.  They are enforced by Building Control offices working for the 11 councils in Northern Ireland.

To safeguard the health and safety of people in or around buildings.They also deal with energy conservation and access to facilities for disabled people.

If you want to build, alter, extend or change the use of a building the Building Regulations will probably apply. Some works are exempt, therefore should you require further help or guidance contact the Building Control Department on 0330 137 4003 or buildingcontrol@nmandd.org. Planning permission may also be required, should you require further help or guidance please contact Planning on 0330 137 4036 or planning@nmandd.org.

Do I need approval to build an extension on my house?  Yes for most work, but a small porch no bigger than 5m2 or a ground level conservatory (with a transparent or translucent roof) under 30m2 in floor area may be exempt.

Yes, where it is bigger than 3m2 you will have to make a Full Plan Application.

Yes, if the alterations are of a structural nature, involve the removal or part removal of a load bearing construction (for example, wall partition, joist, beam, chimney breast) or if, in altering a house the means of escape in case of fire is compromised in any way.

No, provided the window opening is not enlarged and the opening area size is maintained.  If a larger opening is required, then a structural alteration will take place and approval will be required.   Some bay windows are also load bearing so their replacement will need approval.

No, if the repairs are of a minor nature and you are replacing like for like.This includes replacing the felt to a flat roof, repainting, repairing a small area of brickwork.

Yes, if the repair consists of removing a major part of a wall and rebuilding it or underpinning a load bearing wall.In the case of re-roofing, if the new tiling or roofing material is heavier than the existing material or is more than 50% of the roof area, then an approval under building regulations is required.

If your building work requires Building Regulation approval, there are two procedures to choose from:

  1. Full Plans Application
  2. Building Notice Application (limited to minor types of work)

For Full Plans application, plans need to be drawn up, showing all constructional details.For the building notice procedure, less detailed plans are required, unless the project is large or complex.

You can download the application form from the Building Control Northern Ireland Website


Yes, a fee is payable to the Council, unless the work is exempt.  The Building Control department will advise you of the required fee and when the fee is to be paid. You can get more information on fees from the Building Control Northern Ireland Website where you will also find a fee calculator.


Once you have been given a Building Notice or submitted Full Plans, you can start work at any time, but you must give the Council notice of your intention to do so.

From technical booklets published by Her Majesty’s Stationary Office, giving practical guidance on meeting the requirements of the regulations.  However, you are not obliged to use any particular solution, if you prefer to meet the requirement of the Regulations in another way. These Technical Booklets can also be downloaded from the Building Control Northern Ireland Website.


You can resubmit them with amendments to make them comply with building regulations. Alternatively, if you think the decision to reject is not justified you can appeal our decision.


The Council has to ensure that building work complies with regulations.  If the work does not comply, you may be asked to alter or remove it.  If you fail to do this, the Council may serve a notice requiring you to do so.  We can regularise illegal works; please contact us for further information.

No, Planning deals with how it looks, where it will be placed and how it will impact on the existing neighbourhood.  Building Control is concerned with the structure and fire safety of the building, how thermally and fuel efficient the building will be and if disabled people can get to and use the building.