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Active and Healthy Communities Committee Minutes

The Active and Healthy Communities Committee is responsible for improving the health, well-being and community cohesion of the district.

The Committee seeks to improve health outcomes and the facilitation of healthy lifestyles through leisure and sporting provision, and through health promotion and prevention policies. It leads on develpong  anf implementing strategies, policies and programmes for environmental protection and managent; sustanability and climate change; energy management, biodiversity and environmental education; provision of environmental health services, including public health and safety. It also seeks to tackle disadvantage and build active, engaged and responsible citizenship through the provision and support of community services, facilities and events. The Committee is also responsible for the implementation of the Council's Good Relations' programmes. improving social and community cohesion through effective community relations policies and activities, and developing relevant financial assistance programmes. It also manages and oversees local structures for the Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP), and leads the development, implementation and management of the seven District Electoral (DEA) Fora. It is also responsible for sports development, including leisure and sports programmes and facilities, parks and open spaces, including, playing fields and playgrounds, as well as issues relating to outdoor recreation.

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