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Albert Basin 15 Acre City Park

Albert Basin 15 Acre City Park A Public Consultation Exercise August 2020

Consultation on Charged Parking at Council’s Forest and Country Parks 

Background Information and Link to Survey Monkey Questionnaire 

Consultation on Public Toilet Strategy 2020 

Background Information and Link to Survey Monkey Questionnaire 
Draft Newry Mourne and Down District Council Public Toilet Strategy 2020 

Virtual Consultation, New Pavilion, Upgrades to GAA & Soccer Pitches, Kilbroney Park

Background Information to Virtual Consultation, Kilbroney Park December 2020 

C-10 Proposed Site Layout 

C-20 Proposed Pavilion Floor Plan 

C-21 Proposed Pavilion Elevations 

Virtual Consultation on Planned Developments at Castlewellan Forest Park

Public Notice Information and Guidance on how to register to attend Virtual Consultation Events

The Grange Courtyard – Block 1

The Grange Courtyard – Block 2

The Grange Courtyard – Block 3 and 4

The Grange Courtyard – Block 5

The Grange Courtyard – Block 6

The Grange Courtyard – Block 7

The Grange Courtyard – Block 8


The Grange Outer Courtyard 1

The Grange Outer Courtyard 2

The Grange Outer Courtyard 3

The Grange Outer Courtyard 4


The Grange Landscape 1

The Grange Landscape 2


Castlewellan Forest Park – Civils

Castlewellan Forest Park – Landscape

Castlewellan Forest Park – Rising Bollard