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Chairperson's Chosen Charities

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council Chairperson, Councillor Michael Savage has launched a charity driven campaign designed to help raise funds for four incredible charities that work right at the heart of our community. 

Donate Today! #GiveALittleHelpALot

To donate to any of the Chairperson's chosen charities simply click on the icons below:           


Thank you!

Your kind donation will help to provide vital support to struggling families, individuals and those most in need across our district. Every contribution however big or small will help.

The Charities

The Southern Area Hospice, Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Simon Community and Suicide Down To Zero all provide vital support to families across our district and without them the most vulnerable of our residents would have nowhere to turn.

At this time, all four charities share the same challenges - the current cost-of-living crisis. This has had a huge impact on the demand for their services locally and has also impacted on their ability to raise funds and donations from the public, as households of all shapes and sizes are being hit by spiralling living costs.

Each of these charities work tirelessly all year round, always going the extra mile to assist struggling families and individuals and those most in need. We are appealing to your generosity and asking you to donate to these charities so that together we can make a difference. Every contribution however big or small will help.

Southern Area Hospice 

The Southern Area Hospice cares for patients and their families by offering specialist palliative and end of life care. Last year, the Inpatient Unit, Day Therapy unit, and Community Services teams helped over 1,500 patients and without your ongoing help they could not do what they  do.

For more information visit: www.southernareahospiceservices.org/services

Society of St. Vincent De Paul  

Every year the Society of St. Vincent De Paul spends almost £3million supporting those in need and most vulnerable in our communities. With the cost-of-living crisis that we are currently facing, many families locally would be struggling to put food on the table without the help of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul. In the last six months alone there has been a 90% increase in request for support across our district. They too need your support more than ever.

For more information visit: www.svp.ie/what-we-do.

Suicide Down To Zero

Every week four people die by suicide in Northern Ireland - a staggering figure. Suicide Down to Zero firmly believes that the only acceptable target for suicide deaths is zero. They campaign tirelessly to create more awareness to the causes of suicide, helping to detect the warning  signs through a variety of training and workshops. Reach out, donate and support their vital work.

For more information visit: www.sdz.org.uk/

The Simon Community

The Simon Community's mission is to end homelessness, helping them to achieve sustainable, independent living. There are over 55,000 people homeless within Northern Ireland. In July 2022 3,658 households where living in temporary accommodation of which 3,913 were children. Last year, the Simon Community provided 464 warm bed spaces each night. This vital work needs public support and donations to end homelessness.

For more information visit: www.simoncommunity.org

Make a donation today to any of the four charities and together we can support those most in need across our district and make a difference! 


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