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Enterprise Pathway Programme

Newry Mourne and Down Labour Market Partnership will engage the services of Newry and Mourne Enterprise Agency and Down Business Centre to deliver an Enterprise Pathway Programme to encompass “wrap around” intensive mentoring support. There is also the potential to access a small financial contribution towards business expenses highlighted in the mentoring phase of the programme to enable the business to further develop. 

Entrepreneurs who wish to develop their ideas and ambitions more quickly, effectively and sustainably into fully operating businesses which could employ themselves (and potentially others) full-time rather than on a part-time basis are eligible for this programme.

This programme will support business creation, consolidation and expansion, from the initial start-up (or birth) of companies through to growth (or maturation).  This early-stage developmental support will provide entrepreneurs with the pathway to fulfil their potential. 


  • To support the unemployed, economically inactive and under employed to actively pursue and secure self-employment as a viable employment pathway.
  • To provide one-to-one assistance to new businesses with rapid development potential.
  • To move part-time entrepreneurs to full time self-employment.
  • To enable entrepreneurs who have been benefit dependent to become full-time self-employed.
  • To increase the survival rate of new-start businesses in Newry, Mourne and Down.
  • To embed innovation in the early stage thinking of entrepreneurs as a means of product/process differentiation creating greater market opportunities.
  • To stimulate a more enterprising society through promotion of business ownership and the talent of local entrepreneurs.
  • To encourage a shift in the perception of micro-enterprise owner-managers away from risk aversion towards increased confidence in their potential as competitive contributors to the economy.
  • To support equality of opportunity at local, regional and cross border level to enable micro enterprise owner-managers from all backgrounds to begin the process of transitioning from servicing local to external markets.
  • All the support components within the programme will be customer-centred and as such underpinned by expertise consistent with the needs of the participating entrepreneurs.


  • The business owner/manager will be unemployed, economically inactive or under employed (working PT, less than 16 hrs p/w)
  • The business owner/manager will have completed the Go Succeed programme.
  • The business will be based in the Newry and Mourne Down District.
  • The business must demonstrate the potential to develop profitably.
  • Each business must demonstrate the potential to create an employment opportunity, moving at least one person (this can be the owner/manager) from part-time to full-time self-employment or from unemployment / economic inactivity to part/full-time self-employment.
  • The owner/manager must be able to demonstrate that the business has more complex issues to overcome than the majority of start-up businesses.


For more information please contact either Down Business Centre on telephone 02844 616416 or Newry & Mourne Co-Operative and Enterprise Agency on telephone 02830 267011.