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Performance Improvement

Part 12 of the Local Government Act (NI) 2014 sets out a general Duty of Improvement for local government, whereby all district councils must put in place arrangements to secure continuous improvement in the exercise of their functions.  We are also required to set annual improvement objectives for the services we provide and to have in place arrangements to achieve these objectives.

Performance improvement objectives should focus on enhancing the sustainable quality of life and environment for communities and ratepayers, and demonstrate clear links with the Community Plan for Newry, Mourne and Down and the Council’s Corporate Plan.  Each performance improvement objective should seek to bring about improvement in at least one of the following aspects:

  • Strategic effectiveness
  • Service quality
  • Service availability
  • Fairness
  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation.

Annual Performance Improvement Plan

The annual Performance Improvement Plan forms part of Newry, Mourne and Down District Council’s Business Planning and Performance Management Framework.  It sets out what the Council will do to address the issues which matter most to local communities, outlining what we want to improve, how our performance will be measured and what positive outcomes stakeholders can expect to see as a result of our improvement activity.

The Performance Improvement Plan 2016-17 can be accessed here.

The Performance Improvement Plan 2017-18 can be accessed here. 

The Performance Improvement Plan 2018-19 can be accessed here. 

Every year, the Council is required to consult key stakeholders, including residents, local businesses and community planning partners on the proposed performance improvement objectives.  The 2018-19 Consultation and Engagement Report can be accessed here.

Our Performance, Looking Back, Going Forward

The Council also publishes a summary of performance highlights for the previous year and performance improvement objectives for the year ahead.

The 2018-19 summary can be accessed here (English) (Irish)
The 2017-18 summary can be accessed here (English) (Irish)

Assessment of Performance

The Local Government Act (NI) 2014 requires all Councils to publish performance information.  By 30 September each year, the Council is required to publish a retrospective assessment of performance for the previous financial year.  This assessment provides an overview of how we have performed against:

  • Our performance improvement objectives
  • Statutory performance indicators and standards for economic development, planning and waste management, as set out in The Local Government (Performance Indicators and Standards) Order (NI) 2015
  • Self-imposed performance indicators and standards.

The Assessment of Performance 2015-16 can be accessed here.

The Assessment of Performance 2016-17 can be accessed here.

The Assessment of Performance 2017-18 can be accessed here.

Mid Year Progress Report

The Council also monitors progress in delivering its Performance Improvement Objectives through the Mid Year Progress Report.

The Mid Year Progress report 2017-18 can be accessed here.

Audit of Performance Improvement

The arrangements the Council has put in place to secure continuous improvement are subject to an annual audit and assessment by the Northern Ireland Audit Office.  The Local Government Auditor will undertake:

  • A forward looking assessment of the Council’s likelihood to comply with its duty to make arrangements to secure continuous improvement
  • A retrospective assessment of whether the Council has achieved its planned improvements.

Subject to the General Duty of Improvement being met, the Northern Ireland Audit Office will issue a Letter of Assurance to both the Council and Department for Communities.

The Annual Improvement Report 2016-17 can be accessed here.

The Annual Improvement Report 2017-18 can be accessed here

The Audit and Assessment Report 2016-17 can be accessed here.

The Audit and Assessment Report 2017-18 can be accessed here.

How To Propose New Performance Improvement Objectives

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council welcomes your on-going feedback on the performance improvement objectives, as well as any suggestions you may have on how we can improve our services in the future.

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