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Bin Collection Information and Calendar

COVID-19 Update 30.03.2020: We can confirm that at Newry, Mourne and Down District Council we are currently collecting all domestic bins on your normal collection day – we just ask that they are out by 6am on the morning of collection.

We want to remind residents that fly-tipping is illegal after a number of incidents detected at the weekend. CCTV remains in operation at our Household Recycling Centres.

Thank you for your co-operation in helping keep our district clean and safe.

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council has three different coloured bins for the separate collection of household waste. The blue/green and brown bins are for recycling and the black is for non-recyclable waste. For information about all the Councils waste and recycling services please click here. 

The Council’s Bulky Collection Service will be suspended, effective from 4pm on Friday 20 March 2020.

The Council will make every effort to provide a bulky collection service to all those that have already been booked for this week, but the Booking Service is now closed until further notice.  

The Council would like to apologise for any inconvenience that may be experienced as a result of the changes to these services.

The Council will collect these coloured bins every fortnight.

The Council has recently introduced a postcode search facility. This new facility, that we are still verifying, is so residents can find address specific information about their bin collection day and schedule.

Please note: We have not changed any collection schedules and ask that, if the calendar associated with your postcode features the wrong collection day that you let us know by contacting us on 03301374047. Thank you.

Click here to enter your postcode to view bin collection dates for your area.

Your Waste Collection Service

Important Information

Please place your bin at the kerbside no later than 7.30am. Please leave the bin with handles facing the road and the lid closed. We will not collect loose or bagged waste.

Please do not put the following items in any of your wheelie bins:

  • Hazardous/Special Waste such as:
  • Asbestos material
  • Building and construction waste
  • Motor oil
  • Motor vehicle batteries
  • Used paint
  • Soil or stones
  • Dead animals

What Do I Do If My Bin Has Not Been Collected?

We aim to collect all bins on their scheduled collection day. However, sometimes for various reasons we may miss some (eg parked cars, roadworks, vehicle breakdown or adverse weather).

If this does not explain why your bin was not collected, please contact us. When a delay has occurred we will return to collect your bin on the next available day.

If you note that a number of neighbouring bins have been missed.We will be aware of this and will try to collect your bin on the next available day, Please leave your bin at the kerbside.

Check the list below for some reasons why your bin may not have been collected:

  • Did you leave your bin out before 7.30am on its correct collection day?
  • During holidays, bin collection days may change - is there a change to your collection day?
  • Was your bin lid closed and no other side waste left outside your bin?
  • Did you put a non-recyclable item in your recycling bin?

What Do I Do If My Bin Is Damaged?

Refuse crews must report if they damage a bin whilst emptying. If this happens, the Council will replace your bin.

Sometimes bins split or become damaged due to normal wear and tear. In cases like this it is the responsibility of the householder to buy a replacement bin. For health and safety reasons, crews may not lift damaged bins. Buy a Bin.

Brown Bin: Don’t forget to collect a roll of compostable liners at your Local Household Recycling Centre, as food waste must go in the brown bin.
Strictly no food waste in the black bin.

Blue bin: All clean and dry recyclable waste including glass bottles and jars should go in the blue bin. Materials that can be recycled in your blue bin are:

Mixed paper, newspaper and magazines
Metal cans and aerosols
Glass bottles and jars
Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays

For more detailed information about what you can put in your brown/ blue bin click here or phone 0330 137 4047.  

Contact Details

If you need any further information, please contact:

Waste Department Customer Services Section
Telephone: 0330 137 4047