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Review of Community Planning Indicators and Measures

Newry, Mourne and Down Community Planning Partnership are inviting views on proposed changes to the indicators and measures of the community plan.  For more information on the districts Community Plan and the work of the Community Planning Partnership, please click here 

What are indictors and measures?

Indicators help to quantify the extent to which the Community Planning Partnership have achieved the outcomes within the Community Plan. We use indicators as a way of helping us to clearly identify the impact of our activity in relation to making life better for local people.

Each of the indicators within the Community Plan contains a number of measures, these are specific data sources that are analysed to allow us to understand our progress within each indicator.

How were the Indicator and Measures developed?

The Community Plan contains 5 outcomes which were developed through comprehensive engagement with Communities, Partners and other Stakeholders at a district wide level and through our seven District Electoral Area Forums. This engagement also identified 21 key indicators, that are worked on and measured to ensure our collective actions are promoting the positive outcomes we wish to see achieved for our community. Measures were created under each indicator which suggested datasets that could be analysed to assess the trends within that indicator. To view the Community Plan for Newry, Mourne and Down, please click here

Why are we reviewing the indicators and measures?

The Community Plan contains 21 indicators, each with a number of suggested measures. While some of these measures identified a specific data set, others did not have any specific measurable data to support them or required several “proxy” measures to be included in their place. The 2021 Statement of Progress presented data relating to 63 measures, including:

  • proxy data that had to be included in lieu of suggested measures,
  • data which contained no longitudinal data for comparison,
  • data that could not be reported at all.

The recent stakeholder engagement undertaken on the Community Plan indicated that while the broad outcomes of the Community Plan were felt to remain appropriate, the indicators and measures under these outcomes required review and amendment.

How were the new indicators and measures selected?

Council Officers conducted an appraisal of the existing measures within the Community Plan, the assessment criteria included:

  • Is the data readily available and of good quality?
  • Is the data relevant to the current priorities as agreed by the Community Planning  Partnership?
  • Is the indicator / measure clear in what it is trying to achieve? (clarity / specificity)

The officers subsequently made a recommendation in relation to each measure that it is either, retained, removed, or replaced/ refined.

These recommendations were reviewed and approved by the Community Planning Partnership Board.

What are the new draft Indictors and measures?

The table at the link below sets out a recommendation to reduce the number of indicators from 21 to 19, with 40 associated measures. The previous indicators and measures are listed in the left hand columns with the proposed new indicators and measures on the right.

Indicators and Measures Table

How to respond

The Partnership welcomes your views and comments please click here to complete the survey to provide your feedback.

Closing date: 12 noon on Monday 15 January, 2023